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The ideal service to use and shelter boats and rafts up to 5.50 meters/6.00. It leaves to you only the pleasure of owning and using your boat, without the worry of leaving it unused in an outdoor area, or having to spend for an antifouling to keep it at sea, or the dilemma of where to store it out of season: in fact, with a modest annual fee, you can:

  • Shelter your boat or raft in our shed with a whole insurance coverage for 12 months a year.
  • Set off to sea with your boat whenever you want, 7 days out of 7, from April to September: you will be given a key to a private entrance that will allow you to get off the shed to the sea at your leisure and in total autonomy, independently from the opening and closure hours of Nautiservice.
  • Use for launching and hauling (free of charge) the jib crane, which you can handle yourself with confidence and ease.
  • Clean and rinse your boat and engine from salt and any hydrocarbons, also with surfactant detergents, without any fear of pollution, because all wastes are conveyed into the new purification system by Nautiservice.
  • Be sure to always find a reserved parking space for your car, next to the entrance to the building.
  • Use the bathrooms, changing rooms, showers and lockers at your exclusive disposal.